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With our Image Processing Toolkit

With our Image Processing Toolkit

Focal Point Software Launches Aluma

July 22nd 2020

Focal Point is delighted to announce Aluma as the new brand for its products and services. It will continue to provide a full suite of document automation technologies to its partners, as it has since 2009, both in the traditional toolkit form and now also as a cloud service, accessible at aluma.io. We are undertaking an exciting programme of investment in both personnel and technology, including an expansion into the Americas with the opening of a New York office.

Focal Point Software Acquires Waives Technology

6th February 2020

Focal Point Software Ltd., a world-leader in document automation technology, is pleased to announce that it has reached agreement with Cloudhub 360 Ltd., a developer of cloud platforms and services, to acquire unrestricted rights to a copy of the technology underlying the cloud service previously branded as waives.io.

Welcome to Focal Point Software

We are a software development and consultancy company specialising in Intelligent Document Recognition software.  We develop software that enables the capture and understanding of document contents, regardless of source or format.

Document Analysis SDK

Focal Point's technology for understanding and processing the content of documents is available as the Document Analysis SDK.  Callable directly using a .NET API or via a web service interface, the toolkit provides the core technology required to embed sophisticated document processing technologies into any system, whether it's a dedicated capture platform, a content management system or a specialised business application.

Medical Records

Many healthcare providers are realising the benefits of a move away from paper medical records because of the improved access and search capabilities that digital records provide.  However, practitioners are often resistant to the change, as it can be significantly more cumbersome to 'leaf through' a large scanned file compared to the paper originals.

Focal Point's automatic categorisation software can help significantly with this dilemma.  By assigning a category (admissions record, consent form, test results etc.) to each document within the file along with other data such as document date, it becomes significantly easier for a practitioner to locate relevant information.