Database Matching

To turn an inbound document into an actionable transaction, it almost always needs to be matched to core business data, such as a customer record or case number.  The challenge is that the relevant data can occur anywhere within a document, may be partial or inaccurate, and rarely matches the format stored in a business database.

Focal Point has developed software that addresses this issue using fuzzy matching algorithms to allow, for example, a customer record to be pinpointed in a database from raw document content with no pre-processing required.  As well as matching unstructured content to structured data in this way, the matching engine also works with partial or uncertain structure, such as spreadsheet data, and allows this to be matched to database records.  Fuzzy matching between database records is also possible, and is valuable for merging databases from different sources.

All of this functionality is available as standard in our Document Analysis SDK.

Please contact us to learn more about how these powerful matching techniques can be applied in your business application.