The mailroom, whether physical or virtual, centralised or distributed, is an orgnisation's entry point for inbound documents.  Scanning is now commonplace for a significant proportion of those documents, particularly transactional documents that are bound for a workflow system.  While imaging alone offers huge benefits by removing the need for moving the physical paper and making documents easily accessible, there is often still much manual labour required in sorting documents prior to scanning and indexing by type and reference number.

Focal Point's products are widely used for mailroom automation.  Manual sorting and indexing by type are replaced by automated classification which learns the distinguishing features of the different document types.  Key fields such as customer or reference number can be automatically extracted and verified using our database matching technology.

Our classification and indexing solutions not only handle scanned paper documents and faxes - the same system can also automate other incoming streams such as emails and electronic documents with the same configuration.

Focal Point's mailroom solutions utilise self-learning technology, meaning that you can deploy on day one with minimal setup and allow the automation to take over as it learns about your specific document types.  This keeps costs for configuring and maintaing the system to a minimum, and allows automation technology to be cost-effectively deployed for smaller-scale mailrooms than would previously have been possible.

At the same time, the technology is fully scaleable to very high volume systems.  The combination of minimal configuration with high scaleability means our technology fits well with deploying mailroom automation in a software-as-a-service environment.

So whether processing hundreds or thousands of documents per day, whether managing a traditional paper-based mailroom, a state-of-the-art electronic enviroment or a hybrid system, and whether deploying within the organisation or utilising a hosted service, there is a Focal Point mailroom solution to fit your needs.  Please contact us for more details.