Medical Records

Many healthcare providers are realising the benefits of a move away from paper medical records because of the improved access and search capabilities that digital records provide.  However, practitioners are often resistant to the change, as it can be significantly more cumbersome to 'leaf through' a large scanned file compared to the paper originals.

Focal Point's automatic categorisation software can help significantly with this dilemma.  By assigning a category (admissions record, consent form, test results etc.) to each document within the file along with other data such as document date, it becomes significantly easier for a practitioner to locate relevant information.

Whether stored in TIF or PDF format, our technology can work directly on the files to enhance the medical records solution.  For PDFs, it can even automatically add bookmarks directly into the files.  This makes the category information and other index data browsable within existing PDF viewers with no additional software or UI updates required.  Records that have been created electronically can be processed in the same way as the legacy paper.

For more information about our medical records solutions and technology, please download our briefing sheet.