Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF) is the de facto standard for long-term document storage, and has the benefit of a single file format being able to handle both scanned and electronically created documents.  Navigation within large PDF documents can be challenging, however, if the document is not properly bookmarked.

Focal Point's Document Analysis software works directly with PDFs of all types, and can process the content natively without any separate conversion steps.  In addition, having automatically categorised pages and extracted other data such as dates, our auto-bookmarking technology can be used to add one or more tables of contents to the PDF, making it significantly easier for case-workers to find the information they need.

Large physical files that have been scanned as a single PDF can be navigated with ease.  If it is more convenient to scan as multiple files, then a 'top-level' PDF can be auto-created to hold the master table of contents and provide direct navigation to the appropriate sections.  In this way, reviewing a set of documentation at speed can become just as easy as working with a well-bookmarked physical file.